Our Ethos

Thoughful Growing

Locally grown, seasonal and eco-friendly

At Wards Farm Flowers we have always cared about our environment and our growing methods reflect this. We plant from seeds outdoor and some in tunnels while we continuously stive to lessen any negative impact on the environment. By reducing the travel miles for flowers by growing in UK and supplying the UK we are proud to keep our carbon foot print to a minimum.

Our Guiding Principles


• We use organic methods (no nasty chemicals, pesticides, or fungicides). • Certified Organic compost tea is brewed on-site and applied regularly to add beneficial fungi, & other microorganisms to the earth. • All plant waste is composted on-site to feed the soil. • To aim to prevent pollution and minimise any adverse environmental effects caused as a result of our activities or products. • Flowers are picked to order to avoid waste. That means the flowers don’t need to be refrigerated, saving energy. • Sustainable packaging is used: no plastic other than recycled plant pots; biodegradable & recycled paper is used to wrap flowers. • We manage our waste sustainably and recognise our responsibility to recycle wherever possible. • Ribbons are organic or recycled material dyed with natural materials such as acorns and vegetables. • Wherever possible local products are sourced such as Somerset willow for wreaths. • Dead-headed edible blooms are given to a lady to make dried rabbit snacks. • Flowers are dried naturally (no preservatives or dyes). • Certain flowers are left for pollinators and the seeds, where possible are saved.

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Flower From The Farm
Living Wage Employer
Soil Association

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