Wards Farm – Our Story

We are a diverse working organic farm with 20 years of organic certification. We work as a small team to produce food and outstanding products for discerning customers. Flowers are an integral part of my side of the family. My grandfather, a florist/ grower, and my dad was a wholesale grower. I have eventually followed in their footsteps. 

With my love of flowers and the knowledge from my mother who was a florist, we came upon the idea of working the farm to produce eco-friendly flowers. Nothing was to be added to the soil, no sprays, no fertilizer, nothing but sun and quality manure to grow our blooms. Turning the ground, sowing, and watering of the plants we have transformed the farm into a floral carpet in the Devon hills.

“Flowers are an integral part of my side of the family”

From a fledgling business, we now supply blooms and foliage to florists and wholesale across the UK and are passionate about every plant we grow.

Naomi Persey – Proprietor of Wards Farm Flowers